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Cyber insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan

It isn’t just the large conglomerates that are being targeted by cybercriminals.

Data breaches have become commonplace for businesses in Alberta, who have had to deal with an increasing number of cyber attacks in recent times. Hackers and cybercriminals have continuously targeted business operations and destroyed reputations for some of the biggest organizations in the world. There have been lots of data breaches, which have resulted in embarrassment for businesses that pride themselves in keeping their data and client information safe from such attacks.

However, banks, health insurers, entertainment networks, and even federal government agencies have fallen prey to cyber attacks. It isn’t just the large conglomerates that are being targeted by cybercriminals, an increasing number of small businesses have also experienced data breaches. It doesn’t matter how great the reputation of the business has been over the years, a single data breach can destroy it, and put your employees and clients at risk. To counter this problem, cyber insurance is the way to go for businesses of all sizes in Alberta and Fort Saskatchewan.

What is Cyber Insurance?

All businesses are liable for the possibility of a hack or data breach, and cyber insurance offers coverage against such attacks. This means protection for confidential data like health records, driver’s license numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.
Most businesses assume that the general liability insurance they have is going to cover cyber attacks, but it is only related to property damage and bodily injuries caused by your operations, services, and products.

Cyber risk is a growing issue

There is no reason for you not to take cybercrime seriously because every business depends on computer systems and data records. These can be attacked by hackers through a virus or a coordinated computer attack on your system. In the event of a cyber attack, you stand to lose vital information that is necessary for your business and will expose your clientele as well.

Small businesses need to protect from cyber attacks since they stand to lose the most from such an attack. Most small businesses don’t have the resources and technology to safeguard from cyber attacks, which is where cyber insurance can make a big difference.

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