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Our Insurance Services

At Farnese Insurance Brokers, we are changing the landscape of personal and commercial insurance for the people of Alberta and the City of Fort Saskatchewan. We have great experience in the insurance industry and understand the demands of people looking for home insurance, auto insurance, and commercial/business insurance in the area. Our skilled insurance brokers are all qualified and highly experienced individuals, who work with clients to deliver the best-in-class insurance quotes.

We don’t just work with you to understand your goals, but assist you in getting access to the right insurance products at affordable rates. That is the reason why we are highly trusted as insurance brokers in Alberta. We have cutting-edge services, and products, which are tailored to the requirements of each individual client and business. Our focus is on delivering effective strategies for cost containment while safeguarding the competitive edge of your insurance plan.

Farnese Insurance Brokers take pride in finding the right solutions and using state-of-the-art tools to meet the specific insurance needs of all clients in Alberta and the City of Fort Saskatchewan. You can expect comprehensive support, and best in class insurance quotes for the following:

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