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Transportation insurance brokers in Fort Saskatchewan

If you’re transporting cargo or managing fleet in Alberta, you need protection to mitigate risks to your freight, vehicles, business operations, and your people. Farnese Insurance offers a wide variety of commercial coverage, including freight, building, commercial autos, motor truck cargo, umbrella liability and general liability insurance.

You may need specialized coverage that our brokers will help you determine based on your operations, travel distance, and the value of the transported goods.

Your Insurance Advisors

At Farnese, our expert brokers are knowledgeable and know the ins and outs of the types of risks that a commercial transportation company require. They’ll walk you through each risk and coverage detail until you feel comfortable with your choices.

A rise in claims’ severity in the transportation industry and many regulatory changes will impact your policy and your potential claims.

As a transportation company, you’re likely savvy about insurance costs and the market cycle. What we provide is accurate information on regulatory changes and filing claims to better serve your needs. Our experienced brokers have done their homework already and will give you expert advice at every turn.

Up-to-date Information

Whether you’re moving your freight by land, air, water or rail, our expert brokers will guide you through the emerging technologies that will impact your business.

With emerging exposures in the Alberta transportation industry, don’t get left in the dust. Farnese offers you, a valued customer, peace of mind when there is a loss from a car or truck accident, or damage to goods in transit.

Protect Yourself

Theft is a very common issue in the transportation industry that could cost your business thousands of dollars without the proper insurance. Huge losses of trailer, truck and cargo thefts are increasing in Canada and are costing billions of dollars.

Protect yourself against costly claims. We review and adjust your commercial policy with you every year, without fail, to make sure any changes to your business in terms of cargo, fleet or staff are accounted for on your policy.

In the event of a claim, call us immediately and we’ll help you sort through the details that you don’t have time to deal with.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have