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Travel Insurance Brokers – If you travel, you should get travel insurance

It doesn’t matter whether you are enabling your gambling addiction in Las Vegas, relaxing poolside in the Mayan Riviera, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you shouldn’t be doing any of that without travel insurance. It is as important as your passport because accidents can happen anywhere.

Rental car insurance is one of the best things you can buy while on vacation. If someone hits your vehicle you can be covered for costs of the damage or loss of the rental vehicle. Phew! This is great to know since you can’t control how other people drive.
What other types of travel insurance are important for you to have?

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Travel Medical Insurance

When you are on vacation, not only do you need to consider foreign driving situations but you need to take care of your health. Life is unpredictable, and you can get sick at any time. Alberta has one of the best health care systems in the world but if you fall ill in the United States or some other foreign country, your regular health coverage will not help you. It could cost you an arm and a leg to get proper treatment.
You need travel medical insurance in case of injury or illness. Farnese Travel Insurance Brokers are dedicated to discovering insurance coverage tailored to your preferences and financial plan.

With travel medical insurance you can let the foreign doctors do their work to heal you. You will avoid hemorrhaging money to pay for that broken leg. The last leg of your trip will be worry-free, except for perhaps a new pair of crutches. You will be thankful for spending a little extra bit of money for medical insurance to save you from spending all your vacation dollars and more on foreign hospital bills.

Baggage Insurance

Yikes! It’s only the first day of your vacation and it’s already turned into a nightmare. Your luggage is lost. You spent so much money on the clothes in your suitcase and now your beloved items are missing. Your belongings such as your prescription glasses are desperately needed. How on earth are you going to wander around a new city without being able to see the sites? Or worse yet, how are you going to drive your rental car from the airport to the hotel?

If you would have prepared for your trip with baggage insurance, this would just be a minor bump in the road. Baggage insurance covers you for lost, stolen or delayed belongings. You are paid for travel documents such as your passport, luggage, sporting equipment, visas, and other personal items. You can afford to get new prescription glasses and they might even be funkier than the ones you previously had with all the amazing designer choices on your holiday adventure.

Travel insurance to fit your travel style

There are hundreds of companies that provide travel insurance, each offering different coverage and prices. To ease the overwhelm and save you time from comparing different travel insurance policies, Farnese Travel Insurance Brokers work for you to find the best insurance coverage that fits your style and budget.

Whether you are away for a short vacation or for an extended stay, our licensed professionals will make sure that you are protected with the right policy.

Why you need travel insurance 

In some countries, medical facilities will not accept you if you do not have enough insurance or money to pay your medical expenses

Your Canadian health insurance does not cover you outside of Canada

Foreign hospitals can be expensive and may require immediate payment

Should you acquire medical bills in a foreign country, The Government of Canada will not pay your expenses

What a good travel insurance should cover

Along with lost baggage, trip cancellations and interruptions, good travel insurance should include the following health coverage:

1. A medical evacuation that covers you in the event of an emergency that requires you to be evacuated to Canada or to the nearest destination with appropriate medical care.

2. The consideration of pre-existing medical conditions, including limitations and restrictions of travel due to tests and treatments that you may have had.

3. Repatriation in case of death to ensure that your policy covers the preparation and return of your body to Canada.

Questions? Get in touch with a licensed Farnese Travel Insurance Brokers today to inquire about travel insurance that will protect you in unexpected circumstances that are out of your control.

Understanding your policy

Before traveling outside of Canada, be sure to carefully research your needs, understand the conditions, exclusions, and limitations of your insurance policy. Avoid the stress of financial and inconvenient situations that can arise without proper travel insurance. Travel with peace of mind.

At Farnese Insurance, we understand that a trip abroad is exciting but can come with many worries and concerns in the event of an emergency. We guide you the process and components of your travel insurance so that you can feel confident to travel and enjoy your stay. Our professional Travel Insurance brokers are ready to answer your questions.


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